How Much Will Your Boat Cost?

SPECMAR is an aluminum boat design (plan) company. We do not cut the parts or build the vessel. Many customers would like to know how they can estimate the total cost of the boat from design through construction. We can help answer part of this question. This estimation is based on current pricing of cutting services and aluminum in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

There are four major costs involved in building your boat

1. Design
       - Our design/ license fee is listed on the website under each hull
2. Parts (cutting)
       - To estimate the cost of the parts cut out and placed on a pallet, along with necessary stock length extrusions, ready for pick-up or delivery, take the weight in lbs. provide on our webpage under each hull  and multiply it by $5.30 USD. (subject to change based on current aluminum pricing)
3. Shipping – determined by the cutting facility and or the customer
4. Building – determined by the builder and the customer

(NOTE) the amount of $5.30 is based on the cutting facility charging a flat rate per lb. of uncut sheet and plate.

As an illustration, let us refer to our 16 FT ORCA (1327) under mono-hull boats.
Design Fee for this hull is $875.00 USD.
Estimated cost of material and cutting is 1,473 lbs. X $5.30 = $7,806.92 USD.
So for all the sheet and plate parts CNC cut and loaded on a pallet along with the required stock length extrusions would be $875.00 + $7,806.90 = $8,681.90 USD.

Feel free to give us a call at (503) 543-7562 if you have any questions.