28 FT Landing Craft (624)


This landing craft, SPECMAR Hull 624 with custom cabin, achieved a top speed of 40 knots with twin Suzuki 175 HP outboards. She cruises at around 25 mph (22 knots) at 4,000 RPM burning about 10.4 GPH.  She needs no trim tabs and has a perfectly balanced combo on the weight/HP ratio.

The wide placement of the engines allows me to spin 360s in harbor. The wheelhouse visibility is superb, and the design is really a commercial work boat look. It turns heads in the harbor! I’m loving my elevated electronics/light bar – boss look and performance.

I could not be happier with this boat.  I am happy to talk with aspiring builders, we learned a lot building it.

Scott Ogan, Palmer, Alaska

29.5 Sitka (2156)


The boat is fitted with a 350 HP OB. It cruises at 34 mile per hour- top speed 46 mile per hour. Super-efficient boat- averaging 2.5 mpg. 80 miles to ocean and back loaded- 34 gallons!   Your modifications made the best boat in the fleet! Super strong!!

Samuel Peters

28 FT Landing Craft (624)


I am quite amazed at the level of thought that went into the parts. The kit is very easy to understand, and the fit is quite amazing. The knuckles needed to be squared at the bottom of a couple . So we did it on all, just to avoid any uneven fitting.

We are setting the transom, getting it level and square and plumb. Temp welding strongbacks and anchoring it to the floor with turnbuckles. We’ll have that to measure and pull off of. We plan on installing at least two more strongbacks and bolting those to the floor to stabilize the boat for the weld.

I’m very happy with Naimor, and the package survived being dropped by the shipping yard when I went to pick up the package in Seward, Ak. Boy that was stressful!

Thanks again for the great product. I’ve talked with other Specmar builders, and all agree it’s a great product!

Scott Ogan, Palmer, Alaska

20 FT ORCA (1200)


Just wanted to touch base with your company and let them know how impressed I am with it. I bought a 20’ orca. I have been a part of building boats from scratch. But this was a whole different experience. Everything fit perfect and after I was done building it, it performed even better. Wow the best boat I have ever owned. Thank you. I will be buying more of your kits.

Follow on comments on 6/24/2021

I ended up buying a 115 Yamaha outboard with a 12 5/8x 21 pitch prop. I am getting a top speed of 35 mph. On average, I am burning about 7.4 gallons an hour cruising at 32 mph. Some people said I was crazy to put my steering station so close to the front but this boat handles so great it doesn’t matter and I maximized my deck space. I have been in 4’ seas with it and would have no problem being in 6’ seas with it. Handles better than a lot of fiberglass boats that I’ve had that were in the 24’ to 26’ range.

Russell Abel, Juneau, Alaska

26 FT Wide Landing Craft (949)


Testing today with 2X Suzuki 115's and I am very happy. On the river 38 knots WOT light ship, 35 knots with 1000 kg and 4 adults. 25 knots comfortably into a strong wind and fairly heavy chop offshore.


Geoff Reid.



Hello team, Just a quick thank you for yet another enjoyable, painless, seamless kit project. So far all CNC files cut perfect, parts fit perfect, layup is logical. We would love to build more of these, if you know of anyone looking for a turn key cut, fold, weld vendor we would welcome and appreciate your referrals. These little kits work great for us in between our barges and other builds. Thanks again for a great product.

Ian Gracey | Project Manager Silverback Marine, Seattle, WA

14 FT Drift Boat


I want to reach out and thank you for being so precise and professional! We finally have reached time to attack this project and due to your precision we are cooking along nicely. We are trying to document the project as the plans set out. They have been great to follow, and we are excited for the day.

Brady Black, Flagstaff, Arizona


23 FT Landing Craft (611)


Jasper Marine won pacific yachting’s award “Best in Show : Metal Boat 2018” at the Vancouver International Boat Show for their LC23 which is Based on SPECMAR INC’s 23ft Wide Landing Craft (611). Jasper Marine chose this design for its proven sea handling, robust construction, and outstanding fit during construction.

Jasper Vermeulen, British Columbia., Canada

 26 FT Workboat (2055)


"I believe it's as good as it gets as a guide boat... The boat has excellent stability for anchor fishing. You can put 6 clients on the rail and it won't role. The bow is designed so the spray goes away from the boat. Dry comfortable ride for everyone."  

It was built by Glegor Marine Construction out of Astoria, OR"

Curtis Bunny, Astoria, Oregon

28 FT CATAMARAN (2036)



I have had great interest in this boat everywhere we go.
It is a serious beast!
Real boat guys... like Commercial fisherman ...understand it.
The tunnel height is very important in rough seas… I have been in real rough water with green water going over the cabin. It is rock solid.
However few people understand what a boat like this will cost to build.

Summary. ..
I am very pleased with this boat!


Jim Matheson, Everett, Washington






... I am really pleased with the performance and get lots of compliments on the boats lines. Max speed measured was 34.5 kn.  I cruise at 22 kn per hour at 1875 rpm on a Cummins 305… The boat is capable of a much higher cruising speed but that seems to be a sweet spot for economy and moderate speed.

I would heartily recommend your designs.


Barry Shaw, British Columbia, Canada



18 FT OUTBACK (1503)


The river boat we built has performed very well and has replaced 2 of the Department other boats…So far the boat has rescued over a 150 people in the Yakima River. If you wanted to see the boat and ride on it and see the changes let me know, I can make it happen 

Thanks for the great boat.  

Tom Emerson, Ellensburg, Washington


17 FT ORCA (620B)


I now have 2 seasons of duck hunting on the boat and it has performed very well from the areas of Eastern Washington we hunt on out to the Salt water for sea ducks and Brant. … I have had the boat in some serious rough water on both the Columbia River and the coastal salt waters and have never felt like I was in over my head or the boats abilities. As a matter of fact, last winter I escorted 3 smaller boats into the launch after a bad south wind whipped up the Columbia. The other hunters got in behind me and safely made the 5 mile run back to the launch. One of the guys I helped out was so thankful he sent me a $100.00 gift card to Cabelas!!

The Sheriff’s Office boat we built with Tom is going strong and has saved a lot of lives. I retired from the County Last January after 30 years of service so the Orca is going to get used even harder as fall approaches.

Thanks again for your help in picking out the boat design; there is nothing I would change on it if I had to do it over again. Best part of all is that the boat hides well and flat out kills ducks!!

Fred Slyfield, Ellensburg Washington