Why an Aluminum RIB

An Aluminum RIB (rigid inflatable boat) is a boat with an aluminum hull and either an inflatable or some kind of solid foam tube around the outside edge. SPECMAR started designing aluminum RIBs in response to customer demand.

SPECMAR aluminum RIB designs feature a deep V for rough water operation. Additionally, we have developed a tapered tube concept for our aluminum RIBs that serve two purposes. First, it reduces the profile over the bow improving visibility and, second, it arguably improves the overall appearance of the aluminum RIB.

Many of our aluminum RIBs are used for thrill rides, while still others are used for rescue operations. Additionally, many people who have nice yachts like to use our aluminum RIBs as boat tenders as the rib is less likely to damage the exterior coating of their yachts. The aluminum RIB tube acts as a bumper, reducing the jarring impact when coming in contact with another object (boat, dock, etc.).

It is a somewhat common perception that aluminum RIBs are “unsinkable”. However, we do not think it is wise to test this perception as nothing is impossible and sinking is not a good outcome.


RIB Cover Compressed.jpg