Why a SPECMAR Aluminum Landing Craft

An aluminum landing craft can be used for either pleasure or work. They feature a bow door which makes for easy loading and offloading of both equipment and personnel.

SPECMAR designed aluminum landing craft are frequently found in Alaskan waters. Consequently, our designs are typically ruggedly designed for operation in rough conditions. We like to say that our aluminum landing craft are Alaskan tough. Specifically, our bow doors, relative to our competitors, are known for toughness and durability.

Our aluminum landing craft are most often used for fishing and/or hunting in Alaska as people island hop. A tough, reliable aluminum landing craft is ideally suited for this purpose as it is easy to carry ATVs, equipment, and a small contingent of passengers.

Additionally, our aluminum landing craft are ideal small utility vessels, capable of carrying light freight and equipment to remote sites for easy on and off loading. Again, our rugged design has demonstrated the value of our aluminum landing craft.

One of the features that receive frequent positive feedback for our aluminum landing craft designs is the addition of the outboard motor mounting bracket. Traditionally, the motor has been mounted to the transom (back end of the boat), requiring a very thick plate to compensate and prevent buckling of the transom. This set up also made it very difficult to mount the motor as you have to access the crawl space at the back of the boat to thread the nut on the mounting bolts. We altered our design to create a separate mounting bracket attached directly to the frame work of the aluminum landing craft, thus removing the concern regarding buckling the transom and spaced far enough away from the transom that the mounting process is much easier.

2885 stern view (1608)ELASTEC.JPG