Price List for CAD Data only. Cutting Facility must have a proprietary information agreement before release of CAD data.
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Take a few moments to browse our designs. All of the boats shown are designed for computer guided automatic cutting of parts. Clicking on the small drawing on the left side of the page will show a general arrangement and structural detail of that boat. You can print this drawing. You will notice that some of the boat photo's have cabins or consoles. Most of the cabins shown in photo's are designed by the individual boat builders to suite the boat buyers personal needs.

The column "LOA" is the overall length of the boat, and "Beam" is the maximum beam, shown in feet and inches. The weight listed on our web site, in pounds, is for the required uncut aluminum sheet and plate for one boat. (This is not the weight of the cut parts or the finished boat.) Extrusions, such as angle, flat bar, pipe, etc., are not included in this weight, but can be estimated at 10% of the weight shown on the web site. The column "$USD" is our price for the design and computer data to cut the boat, listed in United States Dollars.

To locate a number of aluminum suppliers, cutters, and boat builders experienced with our boats, click on the appropriate heading on our home page. We hope you enjoy your tour through our products.

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