SPECMAR INC's (SPECMAR) primary activity is the design and computer lofting of welded aluminum boats, accomplished in our office in the city of Scappoose, Oregon, U.S.A.

We can facilitate your purchase of a complete pre-cut kit, ready to ship on a pallet. Our products page shows a list of proven stock boats. Our pre-cut boat concept and designs have proven very popular with smaller aluminum boat building firms. A number of our designs have been constructed by individuals constructing their first boat. We have numerous other special designs in welded aluminum including RIB*s and landing craft for vessels up to 70' LOA. If needed, we can provide contacts for the economical purchase of aluminum products and automatic cutting.

All of SPECMAR welded aluminum hulls have been specifically designed by Stephen F. Pollard for welded aluminum construction and computer guided cutting. Mr. Pollard brings over 30 years of personal hands on experience with the construction and design of aluminum boats both as builder and designer. Details of construction that have taken years to develop are subtly incorporated into each design to appreciably speed production, improve accuracy, and minimize both shop time and man-hours. These hulls can be assembled, for all practical purposes, without the need of a tape measure. Pre-notched interlocking parts, with sharp assembly marks and layout lines marked on the cut plate, make assembly almost fool proof.

Mr. Pollard has owned and operated boat yards that have accomplished new construction, commercial vessel conversion, and ship repair. He has constructed over 100 power and sailing boats in steel and aluminum, as well as completed repairs to small and large commercial vessels, to 1000 tons. He is a loftsman, having personally lofted the majority of the 100 boats that he has constructed. This practical first-hand knowledge of lofting, metal boat construction and ship repair is employed in his computer lofting efforts with an eye towards reducing material waste, simplifying construction and increasing productivity.

Detail assembly drawings and written assembly instructions are provided with each design. If there are any other questions, consult the book "Boatbuilding with aluminum" that is referenced in the resources portion of this website. We wrote the book. This book was written at the request of International Marine Publishing in late 1993 and is the only available book on this subject..